Rifle Hunting

Roelof Fourie Safaris specialty is the hunting of various animals (dangerous and plains game) in South Africa. Our clients have taken exceptional trophies at some of the most spectacular hunting destinations available. The following information can be well known to some hunters but can be very interesting to first time hunters to Southern Africa. There are a few basic styles of rifle hunting in South Africa.

The first method is walking and stalking This method involves that the hunter and Professional Hunter (PH) leave camp on foot or by vehicle. The most commonly used is locating animals while driving in a 4x4 vehicle. A large area can be covered without losing valuable time walking through dead terrain. Once game has been sighted, the stalk is planned and the vehicle drives off leaving the hunter and PH in a suitable position. Contrary to popular belief most game species can be successfully hunted on foot if the hunter has honed his stalking skills, is patient and use the wind correctly. The most important aspect of stalking is that movement, more than anything else, usually gives the hunter away and secondly, not hunting into the wind. Fail to do that and the animals will pick up your scent and flee. So, move slowly and watch the wind. 

Another variation of the above method is walking and glassing (using binoculars) especially in mountainous areas. This method is very exciting and can be considered as real hunting. You can also get a good viewpoint from where you can look with your binoculars to see if you can spot any game.

The second method - as used by mainly bow hunters (in South Africa) - is sitting in a hide and waiting at a waterhole for the animals. This method is not very popular with rifle hunters and considered not very sportsmanlike. More or less the same method is putting out bait and using a hide (leopard, lion and bush pig). You can also sit and wait close to a well-used game track. This method is more acceptable for Bushbuck, Suni, Red and Blue Duiker.

Another methodis a driven hunt, where the hunters will be hidden and the animals will be driven in their direction. This method is used for Springbok shooting in the Karoo and is efficient in big, open and flat terrain. A very sporting and exciting method is to look for tracks at a waterhole or as you moved through an area and then follow the tracks till you are close enough to determine if it is a good animal or not.

The last method is by using a vehicle (driving around) till you spot some animals and then shooting from a still standing vehicle. This method may not be acceptable to some people but sometimes the last resort when you are running out of time, disabled or all other methods failed. This type of shooting from a vehicle can also be used when you suddenly encounter an animal while driving around. The choice however to shoot remains with the hunter.