Roelof and Jess thanks for the outstanding hunt. It was my first time in Africa and you two made it a great experience. Your knowledge of the terrain, and the animals patterns were unmatched. You two managed to always get me in the right position to get a humane shot on the game I was trying to harvest and within my comfort range of shooting. It was easy to see that both of you had plenty of experience guiding. I also think the two of you went the extra mile after each animal I harvested. You made sure to take time to get me quality pictures of my game so I could bring them back to show my family and friends. I didn't feel like I was on a guided hunt with all of the laughs and jokes, It felt like I was hunting with a couple of good friends.

Thanks for an outstanding hunting experience. 

Jacob Bartz
Kansas City, KS

Thank you for an incredible experience and my first trophy! I will never forget that day!
Filip Allard

I had the pleasure of hunting with Roelof Fourie in June 2010 at Rebellie Tosi Game Farm in the Free State, South Africa, where I took a magnificent Impala ram and a mature Sprinkbok ram.  I have nothing but praise for Roelof's Professional Hunting skills.

As a first time hunter, I had hundreds of questions regarding all aspects (before, during and after) of the hunt.  He answered all my questions, patiently and in detail, which proved to me that his knowledge of fauna and flora, hunting ethics and methods, ballistics and weaponry is exceptional.

His ethical standards are very high. He believes in stalking whenever possible, instead of merely shooting animals from the back of the "bakkie".  He insisted that I only take the shot when I was comfortable and felt ready, not worrying when I was too slow, merely continuing to walk and stalk until I had the "perfect shot".  When the time came for the shot, Roelof advised me on distances, shot placement, wind direction etc, which allowed me to take both animals with heart shots at 160 and 180 yards.

Roelof instilled in me a complete sense of trust and confidence. He was a pleasure to hunt with and I look forward to the day when we can hunt together again.

Should you need to contact me, please do not hesitate to do so.

Clinton Wepener
South Africa

It is with great pleasure that we send this recommendation for Roelof Fourie who was our professional hunting guide on a recent trip in October to the Free State. We hunted in S. Africa two years ago and decided to come back. This year's trip was also very fun and rewarding due to Mr. Fourie's personality, congeniality and his concern for a good hunt. His knowledge of the animals and terrain was very helpful in making sure that the hunter had the best possible shot at the animal. He was spot on with the distances, and he definitely knew which animals would be better trophies. We spent five days hunting with him, and also spent two enjoyable and productive night hunts.

Roelof was also quite knowledgeable about the area's history, flora and fauna, which is always something we like to know about. Each night after dinner we sat around a campfire and both the visiting and learning about Africa was as enjoyable as the day's hunting. One thing that really impressed us was that he took the time to get to know each of the hunters in our group, and that helped make everyone feel very comfortable and relaxed. This translated well into the next day's hunting endeavors because he then knew how to take the pressure off whoever was hunting as he knew more about them and how they hunted.

In other hunting experiences we've seen a variety of guide styles, basic knowledge and equipment. Some have been mediocre, and some top notch. Roelof made this hunt easy because his equipment was well- maintained from his truck to whatever gear we needed that day. He was extremely helpful in sighting the animals and determining the best route to approach the animals. An example of his awareness occurred when he noticed that my wife had a little cut on her hand... he immediately got out his medical kit, and made sure that it was disinfected, medicated and had a plaster. He also made sure it was changed for the next 3 days to avoid infection. Again, his preparedness and willingness to assist his clients in any way possible made for a safe, fun and comfortable hunting trip.

We are planning another hunting trip with Roelof, and recommend him to anyone who is considering a successful and safe hunting trip.


Mark and Neysa Mueller Texas - USA

I wanted to write you this letter in reflecting back on our recent trip to South Africa. Although it has been almost 3 months, both Leanne and I find ourselves reflecting on our trip with many other individuals. After a recent discussion, we asked ourselves why this trip was different than a previous trip to Africa or many of the hunting excursions we have been on.

We have come to the conclusion that your guidance as a professional hunter was the major factor in making our trip successful as well as many life long memories. The attributes that you displayed out in the field were exemptuary.

By this, as a PH not only did you indicate quality game animals from others, but you took the time to show both of us the many things often overlooked in a hunting situation. On many of our stalking opportunities you pointed out many plants, geographical features and habits of the animals. Not only did you provide hunting services but also educational services.

I wish to restate your knowledge of game animals and your judgement of trophy quality was exceptional. When hunting, I quickly felt very confident in your judgement and decision making. As a professional hunter, I can tell you with confidence, that you are a person of high quality and have a moral and ethical respect for the wildlife and environment.

Both Leanne and I wish to thank you for the many memories and the experience that you provided. We anticipate returning and look forward to the opportunity of working with you again. I wish to state that I would be very happy to be a reference for you. Please feel free to give my name to anyone you feel necessary.

Butch and Leanne Trabuc
Southeast Kansas, United States

After conducting online research, I found Mr. Roelof Fourie's website and decided to initiate a hunt with him considering how informative his website was. I work for the US Embassy in Maseru, Lesotho and travel to South Africa quite frequently, so I've been quite interested in hunting since my arrival in late 2009.

As a life-long hunter in the United States for white-tail deer and various smaller game, I was interested in doing an African hunt for Zebra. I contacted Roelof and he arranged for a hunt at the Buffelsspruit Game Reserve in Aliwal North, Eastern Cape, South Africa. After sighting the rifles in and becoming comfortable, we began stalking the Zebra. A few hours later, we eventually found a herd in an excellent position and Roelof helped me to form a decision as to which one to take. Luckily, I believe it was the nicest mare of the herd and I am very satisfied with the result.

He informed me that I could assist him in taking a springbuck prior to the hunt. However, upon arrival, I requested that I take two to allow me to bring the delicious meat back home. Roelof was generous enough to allow me to take two mature springbuck rams from his quota. Something I believe is rare for people to do and I sincerely appreciate.

Roelof's noteworthy professionalism combined with a great personality made this hunting trip the best possible experience it could be. I felt like I was with a family member the entire two days. His knowledge of the animals and terrain, attention to detail, insistence on taking humane shots, stalking first methods, and absolutely perfect equipment created an excellent hunt.

Roelof made sure the men skinning the animal did their absolute best and explained in detail what needed to take place. They did an outstanding job and I could not be happier with the quality of the hide after completion. He chose a reputable taxidermist whom he works with often and delivered the skin to them quickly.

Overall, I would highly recommend hunting with Roelof. I believe he can provide an exciting and satisfying professional hunt for anyone out there.

Jacob Gauthier

Louisiana, USA

I wish to thank you for your  assistance and patience in achieving the objectives set out as per bookings made, your  professionalism , field craft and conduct are greatly appreciated and of the Highest Standard. Mathew and I would very much like to see more of you when hunting opportunities arise  in the future. My gratitude is beyond expression in the manner that you accommodated Mathews first harvest of his hunting future , something that he and I will both have great and fond memories of.

Craig Turner
Ficksburg - South Africa

Once again, Roelof came through for me on two exciting and rewarding hunts. The first hunt took place at the Witkop game farm in the Eastern Free State near Bethlehem. I arrived on a Friday evening at the beautiful ranch and was treated to a braai by Roelof and his son Ruan. We sat by the fire, ate meat the South African way and discussed the hunt that would take place the next day. We woke up early, sighted in the rifles and were off to stalk Impala and Blesbok. We found the Blesbok extremely hard to get to, considering their keen eyesight on the plains. In the late morning while trying to get near the Blesbok, we came upon a bachelor group of Impala rams. Roelof quickly located the largest of the group and I took him at about 170 meters

We made our way back to the farm house and where we had lunch and took a break from the intense heat. After gathering our bearings, we made our way back out in hopes to get close to one of the many Blesbok herds. After a couple of hours, Roelof spotted a small herd about 200 meters away. We crept, Marine Corps, style on our stomachs through the brush until I had my sights on one. The adrenaline was pumping though my body and I shot high and missed the animal completely! We then worked our way to another heard, but the sun was beginning to set at this time. We spotted a nice Blesbok in the distance and Roelof called the distance ... 300 meters. After the miss earlier, I was anxious to prove myself capable of a long distance shot. I set my sights and was ultimately successful.

A few months later, Roelof, Ruan and I made our way to another farm just north of Bloemfontein. It was another beautiful location teeming with game. This time, we were after a Zebra mare and a Gemsbok bull. We made our way out to the hunting grounds and quickly spotted a herd of Zebra. Roelof took the tripod and I grabbed the .338 . We quickly worked our way closer, taking cover behind bushes and trees until we were in range. I took the beautiful Zebra mare at about 150 meters.

After an early afternoon rest at the farmhouse, we then went off in search of the Gemsbok. We walked a few kilometers in the hot sun, but could never get close enough to an enormous herd. No matter how discreet we were, they would spot us. After a couple more hours and drenched in sweat, we were finally close enough. Roelof found the dominant bull of the herd. He then informed me that they are known to be very difficult to track if the shot is misplaced. I learned that these animals are much quicker than the whitetail deer I am used to at home. After the springbok hunt, I realized that as soon as I put the sights on, I must pull the trigger. There's no time to be spent waiting to breathe out and to adjust myself. I took the superb Gemsbok bull at around 180 meters and luckily he went down instantly.

Roelof then set me up with Kotoko taxidermist in Bloemfontein and personally delivered all of the trophies to them. I am more than pleased by their work. The finished pieces have no flaws and look great in my home. Every time I look at them, I think of the hunt and appreciate it even more.

Roelof came through in a big way on both of these hunts and I got much more than I expected. We are 100% as a team now and I couldn't be happier. Roelof and Ruan were very gracious hosts and fun to be around. I appreciate their generosity, friendship, and of course hunting expertise.

Jacob Gauthier

Louisiana, U.S.A.

Now what can I say about the time I had under the guidance of Roelof. Except that Roelof is amazing. I have to thank my friend Jacob Gauthier for taking me hunting and I definitely have to thank him for taking me hunting with Roelof. I am 37 years old and had never fired a gun in my life... Until I met Roelof. Later that day, Roelof gave me his Musgrave .308 rifle and made me a hunter within minutes.

We quickly completed the paperwork for gun, hunting license etc. Roelof took us to a dry stream and parked his truck at a convenient location. I took 4 practice shots from 100m away and hit two of them in the bull's eye of the target. Roelof was very patient while guiding me through the process of firing the gun. I probably wouldn't have shot the bull's eye twice if I was guided by someone who wasn't as patient as him. He then felt that I was ready to go hunting. After my friend (a experienced hunter and former US Marine) quickly shot a few practice rounds (just to get used to the gun and not to learn, unlike me) we were on our way to find the two female impalas that needed to be culled.

Since I was a green or untested hunter, my friend let me go first. He said "the first kill is for you Deepak!". At about 11:30am, we came across a herd of impala. Roelof immediately asked me to load the gun and get ready. Yes, I had a 3 second window to aim and take the shot through trees and bushes at a female impala 120m away which was facing me. Not the best shot for a first time hunter. I squeezed the trigger and... no I did not miss.

At 1:30pm Roelof said we shall rest for a while and have some lunch. Roelof and farm owner Henk quickly prepared a fire and set up a grill at a beautiful camping site in the middle of the game reserve next to a waterhole. Roelof treated us to the most amazing South African braai (barbeque) which we enjoyed with some cold beverages and cherries. That was a surprise.

After lunch, we were back in the veld looking for Jacob's impala. After much driving, stalking on foot, getting sunburn and sweating considerably, at about 4:30pm, Jacob got his chance. He also had a very short window for his kill. He quickly took the shot and we had the impala in the bag.

Both our animals were professionally butchered and vacuum packed part by part. Yes, the vacuum packs were labeled rump, ribs, sirloin, minute steak etc. How awesome is that? We just loaded the meat into our cooler boxes and we were on our way home. I now have enough impala meat to feed all my family and friends for Christmas and New Year.

Deepak Pullanikkatil

Cochin (Kochi), India.

(Testimonial shortened)

Hunting in South Africa has been a dream of mine for many years now. Well this February, I was able to make it a reality. As an avid hunter from South Louisiana in the US, I feel extremely blessed to be able to say that I have had the pleasure and experience to hunt with Roelof Fourie Safaris. Upon my first introduction to Roelof and his son Ruan, I knew that I was in the presence of some of the finest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I traveled to Bloemfontein South Africa to make a hunt with my life long friend Jacob Gauthier. Jacob lives in Lesotho and has made several hunts with Roelof in the last couple of years. To say that I trust Jacobs judgment is an understatement. When I started making plans to come visit him and do some hunting, he knew just the outfitter that we would use. When we first met up with Roelof and his son Ruan, they greeted me in a way that made me feel instantly like I was a part of their family. At that moment, I knew that we were about to have an absolute wonderful next couple of days.

Hunt Day 1: On the first day that we hunted, I wanted to target a mature bull Gemsbok. I also wanted a mature stallion Zebra, but would prefer to target the Gemsbok first. With Ruan at the wheel and Roelof in the bed of the truck with myself and Jacob, we started our journey. As many hunters know, you can plan things out till your blue in the face, but sometimes things just aren't meant to be. We hunted for hours searching for the perfect Gemsbok without being able to take him. As the day was starting to dwindle, we decided to start targeting the Zebra instead. With Roelofs expertise, we were on the heard in only a short while. We hit the ground stalking and were able to harvest a beautiful stallion Zebra that afternoon. After high fives ensued, we took pictures in the field and with the help of Jacob and Ruan; we gathered the animal for cleaning.

Hunt Day 2: After harvesting the Zebra, I only had thoughts of the Gemsbok left in my head. I was eager to hunt the animal that had eluded us the day before. We got an early start with Roelof at the wheel searching for the heard. After only a couple of hours, we found the animal that we had been searching for. After tracking and stalking him for a while, we finally had a shot on him. I raised the 338 win-mag and sent the shot. To make a long story short, we started tracking and looking for the animal with the help of the entire farm crew that was on hand that day. This included the farm owner and his son. These people went so far out of their way for me to help me find the animal.

I remember thinking during the search that there is no way that you could find an outfitter that would have worked harder than Roelof did that day. He is a true professional that will go way beyond the extra mile to make sure that you are happy. I can now say that I am truly addicted to hunting in South Africa and will make many more trips in my lifetime. There is no way that I would ever consider using anyone except Roelof Fourie Safaris. I will highly recommend him to anyone that I know looking to make such a journey. You will not only walk away with your trophy of choice, you will walk away with a new friend.

Ryan Ducote

South Louisiana - USA

Roelof thank you for a great hunt. Your knowledge of the area and the animals is unmatched and you always go the extra mile or should I say the extra kilometer! From arranging lodging to helping me zero in the rifle, you took care of all the details. Your attention to your customers is only surpassed by your knowledge of the terrain and animals. I was impressed with your skill in moving us in front of the herd and then into ambush position without the herd getting wind of us. You advice on shot placement was spot on. You attention continued after the hunt as you ensured that the meat was harvested and that my skins were handled properly.

Thank you for an outstanding experience and I look forward to hunting with you again.

David McCrane

Orlando, Florida

After another successful South African hunt with Roelof Fourie Safaries, I wanted to drop you a line and express my sincere appreciation for all you hard work. I've come to respect your knowledge and understanding of the African land and game animals. You have shown me the true African experience. I mention your hard work because I am now aware of what you had to do to make my hunt a success by working with the concession owner to secure the trophy of a life time. Not only your work behind the scenes, but also your work in the field is first rate. The respect for wildlife and your hunting ethics are unsurpassed. Roelof, I cannot express in words the satisfaction attained during this hunt of a life time. I will remember it always. I hope we will have many opportunities to go afield together in the future.


Butch Trabuc

Colony, KS USA

I wanted to thank Roelof for another wonderful 'last' hunt prior to my departure. We had a perfect trip. Three of us working at the American Embassy in Lesotho accompanied Roelof and Ruan on a hunting trip to Aliwal North for a number of animals. We ended up going a perfect 6 for 6 with no hiccups! I am extremely pleased with Roelof's ability to show us a great time, put us on perfect trophy animals, and the way that he treats us like family. I don't think any other hunting experience will ever compare! I was lucky enough to take 3 beautiful trophies... a red hartebeest, black wildebeest, and a springbok. My friends Deepak and Greg successfully hunted a blesbok and gemsbok, while Ruan got a beautiful male ostrich. We had a great time despite the cold and windy August conditions! I'll always remember my hunts with Roelof and the hospitality and professionalism he showed. The hunting experience, braais, beautiful terrain, and the friendship will forever be on my mind.


Jacob Gauthier

Lafayette, Louisiana USA

After many trips to South Africa, you have once again made my hunting experience a memory of a lifetime. I appreciate all your hard work in setting up the hunts. I greatly appreciate you going out of your way to ensure each concession will allow the use of a muzzle loader. This last successful hunt for lion offered a challenging spot and stalk hunt that I will remember for many years to come. Your hard work, knowledge and friendly demeanor compliments the excitement and joy of the hunting experience. Thank you for all you do, not only for me but for all hunters in the hunting industry.

Best Regards,

Butch Trabuc

Kansas, U.S.A.

Thank you Roelof and Ruan for wonderful hunting experience few weeks ago. It was my first time Hunting in Africa, I cannot thank enough of making this hunt most memorable. Since, it was my first time, I had tons of questions about this hunt. Roelof made sure he answer everything with patience and with most professional manner. He and Ruan greeted us at the gate of our hunting location, showed us around the farm that evening, gave us very detailed lessons on handling rifle during our hunt. He also let us shot few rounds to make sure we feel comfortable with shooting his rifle, although I think he was trying to gauge our skill level ;). He also discussed next day plan and went over all the details of the hunt before going to hunt. On our hunt day, he didn’t make us feel supervised on every level, he made us comfortable and make sure we feel comfortable during our hunt. His friendly attitude was the highlight of our trip. We will be back to hunt with him, every chance we get ;). Oh, did I mention Roelof arranging BBQ of our harvest in the evening with his friend Jess & family!!!

Best Regards,

Mujahid Abbas