Roelof Fourie Safaris are hunting outfitters and professional hunters based in Bloemfontein, South Africa, from where we conduct hunting safaris to predominantly areas in South Africa. If larger groups need to be accommodated, additional experienced Professional Hunters will be used to ensure a personal experience for each client. The majority of safaris take place from Witkop Game Ranch in the Eastern Free State near Paul Roux and from Lebenstraum in the Western Free State near Boshof.



Roelof Fourie Safaris mission is to provide an affordable and successful experience, with personalized attention to detail and professionalism with all whom we conduct business. Our dedicated Professional Hunters will endeavour to guide you on your quest for the trophy of your dreams in a fair and sporting manner. On your hunting safari a competent support team is on hand, ensuring that every detail of your trip is being addressed, in a friendly and professional way. 

Our policy is conservation through utilization. 



We as professional hunters and outfitters will conduct ourselves professionally in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality.


In the spirit of fair chase the principle of sustainable utilization of our natural resources will be adhered to, and we also pledge ourselves to: 

  • Obey all laws of the land 
  • Will not misrepresent ourselves to clients in any way or mislead any client 
  • Will not allow material gain to supercede principles of fair chase 
  • Will not hunt any wild animal which is not normally self-sustainable nor in its natural state 
  • Will at all times employ humane hunting practices 
  • Will not hunt female wild animals with dependent offspring 
  • Will not allow a client to shoot at animals at a distance beyond the capability of their  competence or that client's equipment. 

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